Business owners wear enough hats.

Keeping up with the tax code should not be one of them. Leave it to me to crack the code for your business and make sure you are getting the tax breaks you deserve.

Are you keeping track of your receipts and expenses? Is your bookkeeping accurate and complete? Do you have problems separating business and personal funds throughout the year? These are the kind of issues we can tackle and solve together.

I am not just here to prepare and file your taxes. I want to get to know both you and your business. My door is open throughout the year to advise you as questions arise. Your success is my success.

I want to see your business thrive.

Services include:
• Income Tax Preparation for Partnerships
• Income Tax Preparation for Corporations
• Income Tax Preparation for S-Corporations
• Bookkeeping
• Review of Prior Year Tax Returns

Existing clients: Click here to access your personal portal and send me documents securely. If we do not have any projects pending for you, please call or email to let me know what you are sending. If you have not yet set up an account, contact the office and we will send you an invitation.

"I have clients in Virginia, DC and Maryland. How does that affect my taxes?”

“What is the best retirement plan for my business?”

“Is taking a home office deduction an audit red flag?”

“I’m confused about current and capital expenses. What’s the difference?”

“Will incorporating my business reduce the taxes I’m paying?”

"Am I eligible for the 20% business deduction?"